As parents of young adults on the autism spectrum, Becky Llorens and Teri Walden of Columbia, Missouri realized that more post-secondary options needed to be developed to offset the abysmal low employment/higher ed stats of adults with autism. Becky flew to Los Angeles and Teri went to Dallas to look at technology programs which were created for adults with autism.  They were excited about what they saw, but knew that they loved living in their vibrant university town.

Since Columbia draws many families to a large autism intervention and research center, they knew that many families would need to figure out post-secondary options along with their children.  They felt like Columbia would be perfect for a technology company designed to train and employ, or help find employment for talented folks on the spectrum.

In Fall 2013, they launched their first class in Becky’s basement and hired their first instructor with three students. Each semester, the student number has grown.

For Spring 2015, EnCircle has enrolled 12 students and offered seven classes. EnCircle has contracted to develop four business webpages. We have done basic video editing work along with some HTML/CSS.

Teri Walden currently serves as Executive Director.

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