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Gluten Free Columbia

Many young adults with autism are on gluten free diets. It is less expensive to eat out, but sometimes its fun to do so. Here is list of restaurants in Columbia, Missouri with good gluten free options, at a reasonable price.

  1. West Main: This restaurant is a made to order fast pizza and salad place. They have a gluten free pizza crust option, it is $9 like the rest of their pizzas and unlimited toppings. In addition, there is a salad option. This place is not good for people with severe gluten allergies however, as there is a significant risk of cross-contamination. Address: 923 E Broadway, Columbia


  1. Range Free: An allergen free bakery and restaurant. The place has a wide variety of gluten free desserts and dishes. Address: 110 Orr St #101


  1. Nourish Café+Market: This is a relatively new restaurant in Columbia. It is mostly a health food restaurant and it has a good deal of gluten free options. Address: 1201 E Broadway, Columbia


  1. Bangkok Gardens: A local Thai place. Serves mostly meat and vegetable stir-fry with varying levels of spice. Address: 811 Cherry St, Columbia


  1. Ingredient: A local café that serves a variety of different foods. Address: 304 S 9th St, Columbia


  1. Seoul Taco: A local Korean taco place that also serves a variety of Korean fusion food. Shares a building Strange Donuts, which occasionally offers gluten free donuts. Address: 1020 E Broadway

Healthy Eating for Selective Eaters

Many young adults with autism have sensory difficulties when it comes to food. This can make healthy eating a lot more difficult. Here are some ways to work around sensory difficult eating.

  1. Include vegetables in smoothies: For people with sensory issues, smoothies can be a lifesaver. There are several vegetables that can be added without affecting the taste. Smoothies are a quick and relatively easy way to get in nutrition.


  1. Try many different methods of preparations for fruits and vegetables: Sometimes different methods of preparation can offset sensory issues. Some people can eat raw, but not cooked vegetables. Some only like steamed. Different preparation methods can make fruits and vegetables palatable, if not enjoyable to eat.


  1. Try juicing: Sometimes fruits and vegetables are easier to consume in juice form. Purchasing a juicer and finding recipes online for tasty juices made with both fruits and vegetables can be a good use of time and a good way to.


  1. Try “sneaky” ways of getting fruits and vegetables: There are a good deal of recipes that work by putting healthy foods in other foods that are traditionally less so. The two most well-known cookbooks for sneaking fruit and vegetables in food are The Sneaky Chef and Deceptively Delicious. There are also many recipes online that cover sneaky vegetable intake. Food stores also sell vegetable versions of many popular snacks, such as veggie chips and fruit desserts.


  1. Vitamins: If all of these methods do not work there is another way to get necessary nutrients. Vitamins and supplements are sold in many place. Do research on what supplements are right for you and your body type. Find the best way for you to take them, be it swallowing, chewing, or gummy supplements. There are a wide variety of supplements to choose from.