EnCircle offers a good deal of technology and hard skills for autistic adults. These are all extremely useful for gaining independence and finding employment. Many students have found their place in the world thanks to learning these valuable skills. However, independence is about more than just employment. There are many parts to gaining independence and self-sufficiency.

Many young adults, autistic and neurotypical, struggle to adjust to independent living once they move out. They have to learn many new skills. Often they find they have to learn new ways to balance and take care of needs on their own. With the added difficulties that come with autism, it can be harder for many adults on the spectrum. From dietary issues, sensory problems, to roommate struggles, there are many issues facing autistic young adults.

For this reason, EnCircle will be publishing a series of blog posts relating to life skills tips. These will include food, financial, time management, and other tips.


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