In Aesop’s fable “The Lion and the Mouse,” the majestic beast of the jungle opened his jaws to swallow an irritable mouse he caught in his paws. However, the fast-thinking rodent negotiated for his life by offering to help him one day. The lion, with all the jungle at hisRead More
Somewhere on a shelf in the vast Shelter Insurance headquarters sits a humongous Goblet of Power and Triumph trophy inspiring their tech workers and beyond. It was brought "home" by the above-pictured happy team of Karson White and Hunter Sadler, who beat the KidsFirst Optimist team in the final rounds.Read More
Late yesterday afternoon, I reluctantly bought my Power Rangers movie ticket, knowing that action and adventure movies typically put me to sleep. All the flashing scenes, designed to enthrall and invigorate the viewer’s senses, leave me depleted. Also when a movie hijacks character development for battle scenes (like in TheRead More
Each time I read an article on entrepreneurship, the oft-used word persevere jumps out at me and becomes like one of those Disney sidekicks flitting around my head, nipping and ear-panting: “C’mon, Teri, think, think, be smarter than you are, don’t give up, keep going, keep going!” I think persevereRead More
Here at EnCircle we do everything we can to help our students. We offer courses and resources that can’t be found anywhere else in the midwest. We even host the biggest Super Smash Brothers tournament in the midwest each year. However, there is one aspect of what we do thatRead More