Students could have the chance to become a part-time, per-project paid Team Member at EnCircle Technologies.

In order to become a paid team member, you must:

1)   complete an application for a job at EnCircle Tech.

2)   be interviewed

3)   be willing and available to work during non-class hours during the week at EnCircle when work time is set-up;

4)   be a responsible, respectful, and effective worker using your skills learned at EnCircle.

5)   Be flexible to the intermittent work schedule at EnCircle as we build our business.


Pre-requisites to working include:

1)   Taking at least one soft / professional skills class. More than one is preferred as this requirement might increase.

2)   Taking at least two classes in the subject matter that relates to the job. For example, two WordPress classes are required for working on a WordPress webpage.

3)   Being at EnCircle for at least two semesters prior to working.

4) Being able to work with others without much stress or conflict is a must. Based upon observations in class, we will determine when we think a student is prepared to work on a team due to these concerns.


What determines what you do and how much you work:

1)   the skills that the job needs might impact how much you work and what you do. However, we all need to start somewhere. As you gain more skills, your job might shift to different areas.

2)   The project manager can take a look at the job and determine who can do the parts of the job. A team will then be chosen for this particular project. We will try to be fair to see who needs work experience in a certain area, but because we are working for a client who has real needs, we will be looking for employees who will strive to work quickly, accurately , and be motivated to do a good job.

3)   Your work availability also determines how much work you might get.